ClientTel goes LDB CXBox

Important information about the launch of the new portal version 5.0 – LDB CXBox

Having loyal clients is the foundation of your successful and sustainable company development. Changing client behaviour, new means of communication and constantly increasing client expectations connected to this make this goal a challenge for any company. That is why the LDB Group has continued to refine the well-known ClientTel Portal. It now not only allows the professional handling of client queries and complaints, but also fulfils important functions of customer relations management software. On October 1st, 2015, we will announce an important new feature: ClientTel goes CXBox – the software application based on a web portal for the management of client expectations – your all-round, care-free package.

We have been able to make many improvements to this version using the feedback from our clients and partners, from which you will benefit in the future.
Download the handout here:

Optimised Usability
Enables intuitive and efficient work: Start pages and displays are tailored to your user type – all operations or adjustments in administration can now be processed more quickly and efficiently.
Thanks to the simplified menu structure, operation is clear, intuitive, creates transparency and enables quick reporting.

Customer-centric approach

Operation management and reports put the focus on your clients. Your clients who have a need for action are the focus of the customer-centric approach. Regardless of the source – TelefonReportTelefonZentrale, via the contact form on the homepage, your e-mails –from which the wishes or concerns are communicated.
Now the entire client life cycle and each case of client contact can be recorded in the portal. Data from different communication channels can be displayed in an integrated manner.

Collect valuable information for successful customer experience management and increase your profitability!

Our new, elegant and conservative design enables you to immediately recognise important information: important factors (e.g. action markers, information, processing status) are highlighted in colour and with symbols.

Interactive aid
We have fully revised the operating manual and replaced it with a new interactive manual.

Technical requirements
The LDB CXBox supports the latest versions of the most popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome and was optimised for mobile use on tablets.

What else can you expect in the new Portal LDB CXBox?

If you are an employee in sales, service or in management, it means that after logging in, you are in operation management. On this level, new dashboard elements enable you to see your priorities and to-do lists quickly. Icons and symbols distinguished with colour facilitate easy recognition of the relevant client expectation and next steps. We have also been able to optimise the process for operation handling in order to facilitate the overview for you. Therefore, for example, operations can be completed with fewer clicks.

As Director or CEO of a company, you access your most important key figures directly. Now, all relevant KPIs and statistics are at your disposal at first glance. Depending on your level of responsibility, you also have the employee and operation management at your disposal. At this level, an optimised visual concept has also been created which enables a quick and intuitive perception of the pending tasks. In the new reporting system, the menu and the clear filter function provide more transparency and clarity. Even in the operation view, it is not simply your client’s current concern that you see, there will also be other touch points from the client’s history included, which enables a 360 degree view of the client. You can see which experience a customer had on various occasions and touch points.

In order to simplify the introduction of the improved portal, the CXBox is equipped with an interactive handbook as well as other modern support and feedback tools.

Thanks to innovative new features and the attractive and modern design, the LDB CXBox can now be used to its full potential. The usability and overview was improved with your feedback in order to bring your clients and their concerns back into focus.

The new CXBox portal will be available to you starting October 1st, 2015 parallel to the previous „CTV 4“ version. We invite you to actively select CXBox before November 4th , 2015 and to carry out your current processes in the new portal (your activities will of course also be mirrored and stored in the current version). Use our feedback option in the portal to communicate your suggestions and wishes to us.
Starting November 5th, 2015, you will automatically arrive at LDB CXBox via the log-in on your start page. You can, however, actively change to the old portal version until December 6th, 2015.
We are confident that you will be delighted with the new features of LDB CXBox. The old version will be off-line starting December 7th, 2015. For questions or problems, simply call us or send us a message. We are here for you.

„We have listened to our customers very carefully over the past few years and anticipated changing end client behaviour. The new portal was optimally geared towards these requirements. We are proud to be able to present you with the LDB CXBox.“
Jan Löffler | CEO LDB Group